Signed, Sealed, Delivered! LSS Responds to the Medicaid Crisis

Who cares about the Missouri Medicaid crisis? Residents and employees of LSS, that’s who! To date, John Kotovsky and LSS managers have talked to hundreds about the underfunding of Medicaid. They have collected more than 1000 signed letters to send to Missouri lawmakers. We have reason to believe that our communities may have handwritten hundreds more on their own!

At very least, we know this much: Twenty-one Missouri legislators have received an average of 28 letters apiece, reminding them that the state of Missouri is not meeting its obligation to fund Medicaid for Skilled Nursing. The Greater LSS Community is reminding them to “pay what they promise!”

To those residents and employees of LSS, thank you! You have done so much to help the state’s most frail citizens. If you’ve not yet written a letter, it’s not too late! Please visit the special Medicaid page on the website to find letters to the Governor, as well as members of the Ways and Means and Appropriations committees. Download the letters, and sign, seal, and deliver to tell our lawmakers to “pay what they promise!”

Thank you!

To learn more and write your own letter, go to