John Kotovsky Has Been Visiting LSS Communities

Every year, John Kotovsky, President and CEO of Lutheran Senior Services, gets hundreds of emails and letters from residents and their family members. They sing praises for the great staff LSS has and the difference they make. In response, John put a challenge out to all employees. He would join in the job of any employee of LSS so he could see firsthand what everyone was writing to him about. Emails from all across LSS came in, inviting him to be a part of their dining, laundry, and clinical teams. And what a great experience it was!

“I was impressed by the amount of effort it takes to really get to know our residents. The dining staff knew every detail of how residents prefer their meals. I witnessed the clinical staff call the family members of each resident by name as if they were their own family. I heard conversations between residents and maintenance staff and receptionists demonstrating the close relationships they share together. I had residents pull me aside to make it clear to me just how much they all appreciated everything the staff did for them.”

At each of the communities John visited, he saw time and time again the difference employees were making. One of John’s biggest takeaways was just how truly blessed LSS is to have such a talented group of employees that love their jobs and those they serve.

“It is evident that every staff member is truly bettering someone else’s life with their work, and that their patience with our residents is a clear indicator of this, from those who assist residents that cannot otherwise feed themselves, to ensuring that the residents all have clean, soft sheets to sleep on. Everyone I met had an overwhelmingly positive attitude about their work and the impact it has on our residents.”

At the end of the day, it takes a group effort to fulfill our Christian mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.

“It is clear that our entire staff works together each and every day to accomplish this important mission,” John said. “From dining to nursing, to housekeeping, maintenance, and activities, the LSS team works hard and works with a servant attitude towards our residents.”

So far, John has been to Breeze Park, Heisinger Bluffs/St. Joseph Bluffs, Meridian Village, the Home Office, and Laclede Groves, having a great experience with each visit. John continues to spend time at our communities and see first-hand the impact we make daily as part of Lutheran Senior Services. If you would like John to join your team for a day, contact Nita Brooks at 314-446-2416 or at