Step Challenge Summary and Congratulations!

The first LSS-wide step challenge was a huge success! With the help of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Walking Works tracking program, we had a total of 623 registered participants. Thank you to everyone that participated and contributed to the 116,656.26 total miles that were recorded during the two months of this program. On average, LSS had a participation rate of 61%. That is fantastic! It is important to take positive strides towards a healthy lifestyle. A little can go a long way, such as taking 5-10 minute walking or stretching breaks throughout the work day. Using a step tracker every day is a great resource. Keep striving for those 10,000 steps a day!

Every LSS location participated in this challenge. Over 170,000 average steps per person were recorded for each LSS team. Congratulations to Meridian Village for winning the entire step challenge. With 547,020 average steps per person and 273 average miles per person, they marched their way to first place. Meridian Village celebrated this wonderful accomplishment with a hot oatmeal breakfast bar for all their employees. They had all the fixings from peanut butter, nuts, fresh fruit, honey, and dark chocolate chips to make their oatmeal nutritious and delicious!

Congratulations to ALL the participants who stuck with this program the entire two months. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and contribution in making this one of LSS’s most successful wellness programs.