Tech Talk Tuesday: Checked Out Documents

When you use on Team Sites in LSSLink, you’ll eventually have to work with checked out documents. In fact, very likely, at some point someone is going to call you and tell you that you accidentally left a document checked out.

Just so we’re all on the same page here: documents in a Shared File library (like the one on your Team Site) must be “checked out” by a user before that user can make changes to them. The easiest way to do this is to open the document, and then click on the “Check Out” button that appears on the gold bar at the top of the screen. When you’re done working on the file, save your work and close the program; at this point, you’ll be automatically prompted to check the file back in.

But sometimes, people skip a step or click the wrong button, and the file is left checked out. If you check out a document, don’t make any changes, and then close the document, sometimes it won’t prompt you to check it back in. Checking a file in manually isn’t tough, however. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go into the file library where the file is located.
  2. Notice that the file in question has a small green arrow graphic on the bottom right corner of the file icon.  That means the file is checked out. If you need to know who has checked out the file, hover your mouse over the file icon without clicking on it, it’ll show who has checked it out.
  3. If you have the document checked out, you can check it back in by clicking on the three dots next to the file name. (See the graphic below.) On the menu that pops up, click the three dots on the right hand side to bring up a small menu of options. From that menu, choose “Check in.”
  4. On the pop-up menu that follows, click “OK” at the bottom.


It’s good to remember that files must be checked in after they have been added for the first time in order for other users to see them. If not, this can cause problems when someone else tries to delete a seemingly empty folder, because they can’t see the documents another co-worker uploaded, as they had not been checked in initially.

As always, if you have tech questions or problems, call the LSS HelpDesk at 314.446.2400 or email at