The Best LSS Brand Ambassador, YOU!

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a brand in a positive light and by doing so increases brand awareness. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the organization’s identity in appearance, demeanor, values, and ethics. You can be a key part of extending the LSS brand by being an LSS brand ambassador. So, how do you become a brand ambassador for LSS? You already are one! As part of the LSS team, we all have opportunities every day to build up our LSS brand through fulfilling our roles to the best of our abilities.

Embody the LSS Brand

Refresh yourself about what the LSS brand stands for and why it’s important by reading this LSSLink Post about our brand. Then get out there and live our Christian Mission and Christian Core Values!

Follow LSS on Social Media

Interact with LSS and LSS communities on social media. Like the posts. Comment and let them know you think they’re doing a great job. Share the posts with your online followers, friends, and connections. Check out this LSSLink post to make sure you’re connected with LSS on all our platforms. You can post about LSS and use the hashtag #LSSLiving to share what it is like to be a part of LSS.

Share Your LSS Stories

Tell others about your experiences working at LSS. Employment opportunity websites (Indeed or Glassdoor, for example) are great places to leave reviews about LSS to let interested and potential job candidates know what it’s really like to work at LSS. If you have friends who work in our industry or could be a great addition to our team, tell them about LSS too and recommend they check the LSS website ( to see what job opportunities are available.

Have LSS Pride

We’re lucky to work in great communities, offices, and surroundings. Take pride in them: Pick up that scrap of paper laying on the ground, straighten out the poster hanging in the break room, fold up the newspaper laying on the table. By taking care of our own appearances and having positive attitudes when we’re representing LSS, we’re showing that we personally take pride in our work.

Go the Extra Mile for LSS

We all appreciate an attentive server at a restaurant – the one who keeps your water glass full and makes sure you have a to-go container before you ask for one. There are ways for all of us to be a little more attentive to those we serve through LSS. If you have the chance to go the extra mile – whether for a resident, coworker, donor, or volunteer – doing so is a great way to live out the LSS Christian Core Values that represent what LSS stands for.

These are just a few suggestions of how we can all amp up our LSS brand, but we’d love to hear yours! Share your ideas on how we can all be better brand ambassadors in the comments section below.

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