The HELP you need from the HELPDESK!

The IT Helpdesk is your one-stop tech shop for Workday and Kronos, as well as more typical IT issues. Email and phone inquiries to the IT Helpdesk will help you with access and support.

  • During business hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 5:00pmcontact the IT Helpdesk at 314.446.2400 or

If your issue is not time-sensitive (such as resetting your Workday password), please call or email the IT Helpdesk using the above contact information, and leave a message for the next business day.


  • When calling after hours, please state your full name clearly.
  • Tell us what community and neighborhood (if applicable) you are from.
  • Please leave a call-back number!
  • Give a short summary of the issue you are experiencing.  If you cannot describe the issue, tell us what you are trying to accomplish and the barriers you are encountering.

Remember: If we don’t know WHO you are, WHERE you are, and HOW to contact you, we can’t help you! 

If an issue is very complicated or specialized, your Helpdesk technician may escalate your ticket to a team member in a specific area, such as HRIS (for Workday & PremiSys) or Payroll (for Kronos). These teams will continue to provide support, but calls will be routed through the Helpdesk.

Technology can be tough, but support through the IT Helpdesk makes it easier!