Tips for Getting Those Steps In!

Can you believe it has been almost two weeks since the LSS Summer Walking Challenge began? The competition has been fierce and some communities have been neck and neck. There is no telling which community will earn the bragging rights and come out the victor!

Many employees across LSS have made incredible strides with the challenge. Here are just a few tips as you make your way to the finish line.


1.    Divide your step goal into three smaller goals throughout the day: a morning walk, a midday walk, and an evening walk. Of those three walks, try to make one a 3-mile power walking workout. The other two could be a 20-minute walk (roughly 1 mile) at lunch and after dinner.

2.    Every Hour on the Hour. If you were to split up 10,000 steps during a normal workday (8-9 hours), that works out to 1,000 steps every hour. That means about a half-mile walk (less than 10 minutes of time), spread out across the day. Now it may not be realistic for everyone to follow this at work, though many of you in the residential communities definitely have a leg up with all the walking you do on any given day as part of your normal routine! It has been impressive to see all the steps you are taking! Many with more sedentary jobs may find it more realistic to take a few 10-minute breaks during the workday, then squeeze the remaining 10-minute walks in before or after work. Set a timer on your phone or computer and walk just 5 minutes every hour of the day until bedtime and then you are done!

3.    Power Hour. Challenge yourself each day to accumulate as many steps as possible during one hour of the day. Continue working harder over time so that you can cover more ground in the same amount of time!

4.    Take Your Dog for a Walk. Your four-legged canine friend can be one of the best fitness partners around. Try to establish a daily routine of walking in the morning and the evening together. This will be a win-win for both of you.

5.    Take the Stairs. When you may be tempted to take the escalator or elevator, take the steps instead. You will score in both steps and flights on your fitness tracker.

6.    Grab an Exercise Buddy. Walking alone can be boring, but exercising with a pal can definitely be more fun and will help keep you accountable. You may also be amazed by how much distance you are able to cover while chatting and catching up with friend.

7.     Be Efficient. Take a look at many of the sedentary tasks you do each day (making phone calls, watching television, sitting near your children while they play, reading, etc.) and decide if there is a way you can add walking to that activity. Not everyone may have a treadmill, but you can get up and walk around while talking on the phone, exercise while watching television, or get up and move while the kids are playing.

8.    Be Inefficient. Say what? Some people have made multi-tasking an art form. They may combine several errands in a single trip by carrying the laundry, toys, and shoes upstairs in a single trip. In order to get more steps in your day, deliberately try to be inefficient when the situation allows it. On days that you know you have been less active, choose to be inefficient as a way to get more activity in while getting your chores done. For example, bring the groceries in by making several trips from the car to the house instead of loading up both arms with every last grocery bag from the trunk. Although it may seem difficult to justify taking more time to do basic things when you are busy, realize you are getting in more activity and steps to a healthier you.

9.   Lastly, make it fun! The Summer Walking Challenge is meant to be fun! It is the hope that by participating in the challange, you may experience the benefits of walking and want to continue walking long after the challenge is over. Happy walking!