Upcoming Performance Appraisals

If you are in an hourly, non-exempt position, (excluding LPN’s RN’s, and Home Office staff), you will be receiving a performance appraisal beginning April 16th . To help you prepare for your appraisal conversation, review the information below.


Competencies are simply defined behaviors that make it easier for you to understand what is expected of you in your role. Our competencies are based around the areas of Job, Team, and Self, and each of these 3 areas are equally important for success in your role. With only 15 behaviors to rate, our short appraisal forms make it easier for your leader to share feedback with you. Please review the competencies on the Quick Links on the LSS Link home page so you are familiar with them.

Rating Scale

The rating scale is designed to truly reflect how we perform and help drive consistency in how LSS leaders evaluate employee performance. This makes the process fairer for everyone. You will see the ratings for the 15 behaviors as well as an overall rating of “Exceptional,” “Successful,” or “Improvement Needed.”

  • Successful” performance means that you have met and at times may have exceeded the expectations and objectives for your role. LSS has high expectations for all of our positions and to be successful in those expectations is impressive. The majority of us perform as this level and we should feel great about this rating!
  • An “Exceptional” rating means that job performance is consistently above role expectations.
  • Lastly, an “Improvement Needed” rating means that role expectations are not being met and there is some development required.

Know that this is a valuable opportunity to receive feedback and is integral to your job performance. We thank you for all you do to make LSS successful and help serve our older adults! If you have any questions on the competencies or performance appraisals, please contact your direct supervisor.