Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Money Management

“Dealing with bills and budgets can be daunting, however it sounded like it was ‘right up my alley’ when I heard about the Volunteer Money Management (VMM) program. I was excited about working with people outside my community, helping people with budgets, understanding & organizing paperwork, and paying bills.

I have worked with 4 individuals and 1 couple thus far, while different, each are very special. Some have debt issues, so realistic budgets are usually first on the list. Others have eyesight challenges but have adequate income, so understanding & organizing paperwork, helping with writing checks for their signature, filing receipts, bank statements, etc. is the agenda. Others need help gathering paperwork for their tax preparer.

By working to quickly build trust with each client, I have been able to help them look at all of their options and consequences of each when making decisions, so they can determine the best path for themselves.

Why do I volunteer? It is satisfying to share my gifts to help someone else with their needs, it’s fun, and I have some new friends.”

Volunteer Money Management is a great way that volunteers can help older adults through a personal one-on-one relationship. To learn more, go to LSSLiving.org/volunteering