Wellness Screening Next Steps

You’ve completed your wellness biometric screening. Now what?

1. Login to the SimplyWell portal here and view the number of points you have earned at the top of the first screen.

*Remember, if your spouse is covered on your medical plan, they must also earn points for their own wellness credit as well.

2. If you have not yet completed your Member Health Assessment (MHA) questionnaire, do so now in the SimplyWell portal and earn another 10 points. The MHA along with your biometric screening will provide you with 50 points – enough to earn the partial wellness credit (a partial discount) toward your medical premiums.

3. To earn the full wellness credit (the greatest discount) on your medical insurance premiums in 2020, you need 100 points.

  • If you have 100 points showing in the SimplyWell portal you do not need to do anything more. If you already have 100 points, that means your lab scores were either within the target range OR you made an improvement from your scores last year.
  • If you have between 50 and 99 points and you want to earn the full wellness credit, follow the instructions below:
  • Print the “Physician Engagement Form.” To access this form, go to “Resources” under the “Profile” tab and then go to “Forms and Documents.”
  • Bring this form to your doctor along with your screening results (scores) so they know what areas you missed the target range for or did not improve in. Your doctor will complete this form to document that they are aware of these health opportunities and you are under their care for these particular health metrics.
  • Upload the signed and completed form to your SimplyWell portal under the “Resources” section for SimplyWell to review and award you the additional points.

Act now to ensure that you have these steps completed before Annual Enrollment begins in November!

Questions? Talk to your HR Director.

To learn more, visit https://www.lsslife.com/benefits/#wellness.