What is REPEAT Coaching?

At Lutheran Senior Services, we aspire to model servant leadership, believing that leaders are here to serve, rather than to be served.  That means we want to empower you to make suggestions and find solutions that will make your job easier as you provide care for our older adults.

REPEAT coaching helps us engage in effective conversations to support our philosophy of servant leadership.  We know that the success of our organization is dependent on the success of every employee and your leader’s role is to provide you with the support you need.  When we listen to you, we are better able to provide you that support and help you learn and grow.

What does REPEAT coaching look like?

REPEAT is based on building relationships and demonstrating respect and empathy.  We start by asking questions to engage and understand, then we work with you to identify the best course of action.  REPEAT is less about telling than it is listening—expect to hear “what do you think you should do?” rather than “this is what I think you should do”.

When is REPEAT coaching used?

REPEAT is a framework for communication that can be used in all conversations.  You’ll hear your leader using them with you, with residents, clients, and family members.  These are skills you can use as well!  Using REPEAT coaching with those entrusted to your care can help you build relationships and simplify your job.  Ask your supervisor to help you learn and practice the REPEAT skills.

Expectations for LSS Leaders

We feel strongly that our REPEAT skills support the LSS philosophy of servant leadership, so we expect all leaders to learn and use them.  Those in supervisory roles are expected to attend a Servant Leadership through REPEAT Coaching workshop.  We have been delivering this workshop at communities for the past few months and will complete the remaining locations by the end of January.  For information on scheduling, please contact your HRD.

The workshop is also offered as part of Foundations Week at the Home Office on the third Thursday of each month.  If you are a Home Office leader – or if you missed the session at your community – please register in Relias to attend one of the upcoming sessions.  All current leaders should attend by the end of Q1, 2018.

REPEAT Success Stories

Leaders and employees are already sharing stories about how REPEAT has helped them in their job.  If you have had a success with REPEAT, please send an email to Jennifer Ford in Organizational Development to share it.  We’ll put your name in a prize drawing to be held in Q1 2018.

Questions about REPEAT Coaching?  Contact your HR Director or anyone on the Organizational Development team.