Who Would Have Ever Thought Project Management Could be a Little RACI?

RACI is a project management tool designed to identify and assign roles and responsibilities.

RACI stands for:  Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

No matter what the project size – or whether the project team requires five or 50 people – role and task responsibilities need to be clearly defined. By using RACI, you reduce confusion about team expectations and increase project efficiency. As a result, decisions are made more quickly, accountability is clearer, and workload is evenly distributed.

Each attribute of the RACI tool is defined below:

Responsible: This person defined as the responsible team member who does the work to achieve the task. (S)he has the responsibility for getting the work done or making a decision.  As a rule, only one person is identified as the responsible person. But, if they cannot complete the task on their own, they have the liberty – and the responsibility – to consult others to help them complete the task.

Accountable:  The accountable team member is ultimately answerable for all the activity in the decision. While responsibilities may be divided, accountability may not. There is only one “A” in a plan. This person is often the project executive or project sponsor and, when required, approves the work that “Rs” do.

Consulted: The people who provide information and insight for a project are referred to as the consulted members of the team. These people are often subject matter experts who engage in two-way communication with other consultants. These people should always be consulted before a final decision or action is adopted.

Informed: The informed team member is the one who shares progress with project participants and leadership after a decision has been made. The informed are those who will be affected by the outcome of the tasks.

Following is an example of how a standard RACI should look, with tasks on the left, job function or name on top and assigned role in the center. An Excel version of this model can be found in the tools and templates section on the Project Management site or by clicking on the image below.

RACI task chart